It’s official – the Scottish Government has announced that the University of Strathclyde E4D team will be continuing our work in Malawi over 2015-2018 with its Sustainable Off-grid Electrification of Rural Villages (SOGERV) project!

What is SOGERV?

In a nutshell, this project aims to reduce energy poverty in rural Chikhwawa district through the electrification of households, businesses and community energy infrastructure via the deployment of sustainable renewable energy technologies (RETs).  SOGERV will be aimed at furthering sustainable models for off-grid community energy  for rural Malawians, which has historically been a challenge.  This is an important issue in Malawi where electrification currently stands at 9% overall and 1% in rural areas.

We are pleased to be partnering once again with Concern Universal-Malawi and the Centre for Water, Sanitation, Health and Alternative Technology Development (WASHTED) who are both long-standing partners through the MREAP Programme.  This is a tremendous opportunity for the team to build upon the work in MREAP, make a serious impact to these communities, to support the sector overall in Malawi.