During a visit to Malavi Primary School in Southern Malawi the MREAP team took the opportunity to interview some staff and pupils.

Emmanuel is a 21 year old secondary school pupil, currently in form 4.  He attended Malavi school and gained the grades necessary for entry into secondary school.  This was greatly helped as a result of the solar PV electricity which provided clean and bright lighting, enabling evening study.   Had this not been available he would have had to study under poor candle light or kerosene, with the associated health effects.   His goal is to complete high school education before training to be a doctor, hopefully returning to his home community to provide much needed medical care.

Emmanuel is not the only beneficiary of solar PV at Malavi.  In addition to other children who have successfully gone on to secondary education the local community has benefited through the mobile phone charging facility at the school.  This has greatly reduced the travel distance for the community to find power but has also meant a steady income stream for Malavi school, which should help pay for consumables and replacement parts for the system such as light bulbs.